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Lab Instruments

OMKAR introduced its own lab instruments to serve the customer better. OMKAR instruments are made through latest designs and only the best materials and workmanship are employed.

We supply following instruments with 12 months guarantee.

  • Heating Mantles

  • Spare replacement elements for mantles

  • Beaker Mantle

  • Heating Pad for Flat Bottom/conical Flask

  • Heating Taps

  • Heating Cords

  • Rota Mantle

  • Separate energy Regulator Box

  • Temperature Control Unit

  • Soxhelt extraction water bath

  • Soxhelt extraction Heater Hot Plate Type

  • Soxhlet extraction unit Mantle Type

  • Water Still

  • Water Bath

  • Serological Water bath

  • Bath Paraffin imbedding

  • Dye pot water bath

  • Tissue Floating bath

  • Oil Bath Mini

  • Precision oil bath

  • Precision Constant Temp. Water bath

  • Shaking water bath-Incubator

  • Viscometric bath

  • Oil/Water bath for Pilot plant

  • Laboratory Hot Plates-Round/Rectangle

  • Kjeldahl Assembly Heater

  • Micro Kjeldahl Digestion unit

  • Kjeldahl Digestion & Distillation

  • Laboratory Hot Air oven Standard

  • Laboratory Hot Air oven memmert

  • Spare Muffle
  • Laboratory Muffle Furnace

  • Bacteriological incubator standard

  • Bacteriological incubator Memmert

  • Vacuum oven

  • Portable electrode drying oven

  • Crucible Furnace

  • Electric Bunsen Burner

  • Autoclave Portable

  • Vertical Autoclave

  • Melting Point Apparatus

  • Electric Slide warning Table

  • Ultra Violet Inspection Cabinet

  • Desiccators Cabinet

  • Colony Counter

  • VDRL Rotator

  • Griffin Flask Shaker

  • Tablet Dis-integration Test Apparatus

  • Laboratory Jack open Type

  • Magnetic Stirrer

  • Tablet Hardness Tester

  • Tablet Friability Test Apparatus

  • Tablet Dissolution Rate Apparatus

  • Bulk Density Apparatus

  • Antibiotic Zone Reader

  • Low Temp. Criostate Bath Accuracy

  • Orbital Shaking Incubator

  • B.O.D. Incubator

  • Low Temp. Cabinet Accuracy

  • Humidity Control Oven

  • Humidity Control Oven for Temp.

  • Industrial Tray Drier
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  Acros Organics
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