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  Authorised Stockist
Thomas Baker Chemicals Pvt. Limited. - Lab Chemicals
Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Limited. - Lab Chemicals
Himedia Laboratories Pvt Limited - Media, Lab aids and Lab Chemicals
Loba Chemie Pvt Limited. - Lab Chemicals
Fisher Scientific         - Lab Chemicals, Glassware & Filter papers
Molychem    - Lab Chemicals
RFCL Limited. - Lab Chemicals,HPLC Columns, Filter paprs
Sigma Aldrich Chemicals Pvt. Limited.    - Lab Chemicals, Supelco HPLC Columns
Acros Organics     - Lab Chemicals
SD Fine chem Limited. J-sil  Trading Corporation.

Merck Specialities Pvt. Limited.

Axiva Sichem Limited.

Spectrochem Pvt. Limited.

J.K Labs

Borosil Glassworks Pvt. Limited

Whatman Asia Pacific Pvt. Limited

 Allied Items:
Omkar Lab Instruments - Oven,BOD Incubator,  Water Bath, Hot Plate,etc.
Burdick & Jackson/J.T.Baker   - Acetonitrile HPLC in 4 lt Packing
Whatman - Filterpapers/Glass microfibre filters/Extraction Thimbles
Axiva Sichem Pvt. Ltd - Filteration/ Plasticware/ Research Aids.
Cympran/ China/ Hyman      -


Polylab/ Kasablanka -

Plastic Labware

PAL/ Millipore -

Membrane Filters

Tarsons    -

Lab Plasticware

Riviera       - Lab Glassware
Hamilton/ SGE/ Top     -

Microliter  Syringe

Eutech      -

PH /Conductivity/ TDS Meter/ Microliter Syringes

Brookfield               -

Lab Instruments

Spectrochem, CDH     - Lab Chemicals
Toshniwal/Max   -

PH Meter/ Electrode Etc.

Zeal/ JRM/ Dimple    -

Thermometers (With or without Calibration)

Lemico               -

All types of hydrometers(With or without Calibration)

Lancaster/ Emerck             -

Imported Chemicals/ Emerck TLC Plates

Thiasil        - Silica Crisibles
Metroark / Aeropack   -

Silicon Greece

Remi    -

Lab Instruments

Tapsons               -

Weighing Balances

Opti Glass/ Quartz             -

Cuvettes for Spectrophotometer.

Jayant           - Test Sieves
J-sil Glass works  -

Glass ware

 We also supply items like:
Non absorbent/ Absorbent  cotton

Melting Point Capillaries

Tissue Rolls Glass Rods, Spatulas, Tongs
Filtroll Filter papers, Ordinary/Imported Kalpi Filter paper Rim Solvents of Commercial grade
Self Sealing Bags Latex, Surgical, Acid Alkali Hand gloves
Combution Boats/ Tubes

Blue Star Cover Slips

S.S./Glass Liquid Sampler   Glass vials/ Magnetic Niddles
Burette Stand/ Clamps/Tripod Stand    
Authorised Distributors
  Thomas Baker
  Acros Organics
  Fisher Scientific